Designed for immobilization of the cervical spine, arthritis, spinal
stenosis, and post trauma use, the Comfortland Elite Cervical Orthosis (CV-500)
features an aluminum, multi-post anterior adjustment system, allowing full linear
adjustment. The CV-500 is lightweight and vented; promoting air flow, improving
patient comfort, and making it MRI compatible. The unique strapping design allows
the Elite to fit a wide variety of patients, eliminating the need for multiple sizes.


Our products have varied coverage depending on our insurance. Rize benefit services department verifies the patient's Medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurance coverage and or case eligibility before the equipment is delivered. We will also bill the insurance company on the patient's behalf.


As simple as it might sound, ensuring that the patient understands how to use his or her equipment properly is fundamental to ensuring successful patient knowledge on each piece of equipment. Rize patient support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Comprehensive, continuous training by industry professionals provides our staff with the knowledge required to properly instruct patients and provide targeted support throughout the episode of care.